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Upcoming events

    • 21 Apr 2021
    • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (EDT)
    • Zoom meeting

    Join WIFVNE Member Erica Brookhyser as she leads this WIFVNE Networking Wednesday session. Let's lift each other up, share resources, put forth ideas, provide feedback, and make connections.

    Many members are open to work, actively looking for freelance work, contemplating changing jobs, educating themselves, developing their passions, and planning for productions.

    It's estimated that upwards of 85% of job positions are filled through networking. But networks can be good for more than just hearing about employment opportunities. In this session, we'll talk about how we think about our networks, how we create and nurture those relationships, and ultimately how we use our connections to achieve fulfilling creative lives.

    Prior to this event, WIFVNE recommends that members update their Member Profile in the Member Directory, so connections can become collaborators! 

    Erica Brookhyser is an accomplished voiceover artist with over 15 years of performing experience. A trained opera singer, Erica completed her voiceover training at Edge Studio in New York. Her background in vocal performance, acting, teaching, and foreign languages brings extra versatility to Erica’s natural vocal richness. A sought-after VO for corporate videos and commercials, her client list includes The Washington Post, Nokia, Thomson Reuters, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Johns Hopkins University among others. www.EricaBrookhyser.com

    WIFVNE Thanks:  Networking Wednesday graphic created by Cassidy Gray.

    • 22 Apr 2021
    • 7:00 PM (EDT)
    • Zoom webinar

    Women Make Movies hosts a live discussion with Asian Women United! Panelists will be discussing how media representations of Asian women perpetuate a culture of anti-Asian hate and how independent film can help shift that narrative. The event will take place Thursday, April 22 at 4:00pm PT / 7:00pm ET and there is no cost to attend.

    Also! SLAYING THE DRAGON and SLAYING THE DRAGON: RELOADED, both which examine media representations of Asian and Asian-American Women, are available for free through April 23, 2021 in Women Make Movies' virtual screening room. Watch here.

    • 27 Apr 2021
    • 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM (EDT)
    • Airmeet platform (online)

    If you're thinking about a career change, you aren't alone. While it can be a daunting prospect (where do I begin? Who do I talk with? What about my resume?), it's absolutely doable. You'll hear from brilliant women who will be able to guide you toward making a successful transition.

    Topics we'll be covering:

    -- Figuring it Out - When is the right time? How do you skill up?

    -- Emotional/Mental Preparedness - How do you keep up the momentum mentally? How do you build confidence in transitioning to something new? Is a pay decrease always required when transitioning?

    -- Networking - Who should you reach out to? How do you network authentically?

    -- Advocating for your Needs - How do you discuss your preferences like remote work, flex work, salary? Does the transition mean you're starting from entry level?


    12:00pm-12:10pm: Networking! We’ll have table topics for people to virtually join, up to eight to a table

    12:10pm-1:30pm: Panel

    1:30pm-2:00pm: More networking!

    Free Event. Register here!

Past events

14 Apr 2021 Laugh Out Loud: Free Happy Hour with John Mattingly
14 Apr 2021 MEET THE FUNDERS: Firelight Media and the Jerome Foundation
08 Apr 2021 WIFT US event: Members only National Networking Night
08 Apr 2021 WIFVNE & the 48's: a Facebook Live event
07 Apr 2021 MEET THE FUNDER: Catapult Film Fund, a Women Make Movies webinar
31 Mar 2021 Film as Monument: in conversation with Carrie Van Horn
31 Mar 2021 MEET THE INDUSTRY: CINETIC MEDIA, a Women Make Movies webinar
25 Mar 2021 brunchwork event with Andrea Cutright, Disney+ Vice President of Product Marketing and Subscriber Engagement
25 Mar 2021 MEET THE FUNDER: IDA, a Women Make Movies webinar
24 Mar 2021 Networking Wednesday Special Edition: The Prolific Production Assistant
19 Mar 2021 Salem Film Festival 2021
18 Mar 2021 Hope I'm In The Frame: Online Screening and Discussion
17 Mar 2021 Networking Wednesday: Getting on the Elevator
17 Mar 2021 Irish Film Festival, Boston 2021
14 Mar 2021 Tikkun Olam/Sanar el Mundo Film Series: "Havana Curveball"
12 Mar 2021 Ask the Expert: Women in Film
11 Mar 2021 WIFT US event: Members only National Networking Night
11 Mar 2021 Iranian Women Filmmakers Showcase
07 Mar 2021 brunchwork event with Ratna Desai, Netflix Director of Product Design
07 Mar 2021 International Women’s Day Short Films showcase
04 Mar 2021 Members Only: Advance Movie Screening of LAND
04 Mar 2021 Boston 48HFP (Virtual) Meet & Greet
04 Mar 2021 Are you Ready for Distribution? Short Films and Public Broadcast
03 Mar 2021 Free webinar: Pitch Success: Crafting Your Film and Investor Decks
03 Mar 2021 WIFTI screenings and conversations: Nordic Women in Film 2021
02 Mar 2021 WIFT US event: Pop-up event on Clubhouse
28 Feb 2021 Tikkun Olam/Sanar el Mundo Film Series: “Decade of Fire"
24 Feb 2021 MA Film Jobs Advocacy Session
24 Feb 2021 MA Film Jobs Advocacy Sessions
21 Feb 2021 Tikkun Olam/Sanar el Mundo Film Series: "The Longing"
17 Feb 2021 Networking Wednesday: Making Contact
08 Feb 2021 Memoirs Of A Black Girl
03 Feb 2021 MasterClass with Belly of the Beast’s Erika Cohn & Angela Tucker
03 Feb 2021 Job Search Strategy 2021
30 Jan 2021 BFMC event: The Importance of Pitching
23 Jan 2021 BFMC event: Creating Memorable Characters
19 Jan 2021 Let's Talk: Focus for 2021
13 Jan 2021 brunchwork event with Robin Tang
28 Dec 2020 Changing your story: New opportunities in 2021
02 Dec 2020 WIFVNE 2020 Annual Meeting of Members
18 Nov 2020 Mass Media Expo Talks: Dawn Porter
18 Nov 2020 Mass Media Expo Talks: Production Budgeting During COVID
18 Nov 2020 WIFTI Coffee Chat
17 Nov 2020 Mass Media Expo Talks: Ted Hope
11 Nov 2020 WIFVNE Board - Open House session
10 Nov 2020 WIFVNE Board - Open House session
09 Nov 2020 WIFVNE Board - Open House session
03 Nov 2020 Nostradamus Report: Disruption, Action, Outlooks
20 Oct 2020 Hands-on TV Series “Bible” - ScriptDC
14 Oct 2020 WIFTI Coffee Chat: Meet the new board!
13 Oct 2020 Story or TV Pilot? - ScriptDC
08 Oct 2020 Public Media Roundtable
06 Oct 2020 Writing for TV Panel - ScriptDC
01 Oct 2020 WIFT US event: Members only National Networking Night
22 Sep 2020 Creating Memorable Characters - ScriptDC
22 Sep 2020 WIFVNE and DER Present: Impact Producing Masterclass with Marga Varea!
18 Sep 2020 Netflix Animation Presents: Latino Creatives in Animation
15 Sep 2020 The Dreaded 2nd Act - ScriptDC
14 Sep 2020 WIFT US event: Meet the US Presidents
12 Sep 2020 International Indie Filmmakers Day at TIFF
08 Sep 2020 You Had Me at Page One - ScriptDC
04 Sep 2020 Strengthening Interpersonal Communication Skills in the Virtual Space
25 Aug 2020 Write. Reach. Represent - ScriptDC
28 Jul 2020 WIFVNE and DER Present: Producing with Impact
14 Jul 2020 By the Way, Can You Get Tom Brady: Producers Break Down Challenges
18 Jun 2020 Production Safety and COVID19
05 Jun 2020 Story Generation Class: 120 Minutes, 20 ideas
26 May 2020 Documentary Distribution in the Time of COVID-19
13 May 2020 Using Social Media to Advance Your Career with Sarah Salbu Young
27 Apr 2020 Preparing for the Payroll Protection Program
18 Apr 2020 Public Speaking Techniques workshop with Rachel Bailit
03 Mar 2020 Networking with the Pros @ Lesley University
29 Feb 2020 Bringing Hollywood Home: A Conversation with Chris Stinson & Amy Greene
12 Nov 2019 Behind-the-Scenes with Producers and Directors
02 Oct 2019 WIFVNE 2019 Annual Meeting
15 Aug 2019 Mentoring: Blueprint on the Factory Floor
07 Jun 2019 WIFVNE Community Tour: Happy Hour in Portland Maine
06 Jun 2019 WIFVNE mixer at Studio Lab
19 Mar 2019 Production for Hire
05 Feb 2019 Mindfulness, Movement & Creativity: Unlock your Inner Artist
31 Jan 2019 Picture Your Future
05 Dec 2018 WIFVNE 2018 Annual Meeting
25 Oct 2018 Women in Film & Video Career Symposium @ Lesley University
05 Aug 2018 WIFVNE & Maine Film Association Networking breakfast
02 Aug 2018 WIFVNE + Women In Media: Networking & Nibbles
25 Jun 2018 WIFVNE & SCL “Music for Media” Mixer
19 Jun 2018 Women in the Industry: ACs and DPs - Techs and Creatives
30 Oct 2013 Made in Mass - Screenwriting Do's & Dont's
07 Feb 2012 February Friendly Toast Networking Night
01 Mar 2011 First Tuesday networking diverted to The DocYard
28 Jan 2011 LEF Foundation MIF deadline for Letters of Inquiry
20 Jan 2011 Sundance Film Festival and Slamdance too
19 Jan 2011 Make No Little Plans: Daniel Burnham and the American City
04 Jan 2011 WIFVNE Friendly Toast Networking Night
26 Sep 2010 SCREENWRITERS' SECRETS - Master Class Sampler, networking, & awards
07 Sep 2010 Noir Networking Night

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