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WIFM Colorado & WIFT-US Present: Scott Takeda - Actors Self-Tape Workshop

  • 30 Nov 2023
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Zoom

WIFT US & WIFM Colorado Proudly Present:

How to Book with Self-Tapes with Scott Takeda

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Join us for an exciting online event as we interview the amazing Scott Takeda!

Did you know that self-tapes are here to stay? It’s true. We’ve talked to a dozens of working casting professionals all across the country. They all agree self-taped auditions are no longer just a pandemic thing. They are the new normal. If you want to work on network TV series, studio feature films and even some major commercials, you’re going to need to audition via self-tape.

So how is it going for you? Are you getting traction with your self-tape auditions? Do you know what you’re doing? Can you turn a killer audition in a couple hours? Or are they frustrating? Do you worry how you look and sound? Do the technicals drain all the fun out of the work? We get it.

Scott Takeda is the self-tape expert. He’s been booking on self-tape since 2009 — well before the word “self-tape” existed. He’s booked more than 70 network TV series, studio feature films and even commercials all on self-tape — all while living here in Colorado. The secret is the Takeda Technique.

It blends filmmaking skill and audition skills. And Scott knows what he’s talking about. He’s a also a professional director with six Emmys. Scott wants to help actors book roles, and filmmaking skills are the secret sauce. They are easy, fun, and low-to-no-cost. And they make a huge difference.

This spring, several of Scott’s students have booked their first network costar roles, their first guest star roles, one booked a national SAG-AFTRA commercial, another booked a lead in one of those Lifetime holiday films. Another is on a Broadway tour after first booking Broadway on self-tape. Trust us, it’s the tape.

Give your career a big jump-start and learn about the Takeda Technique. Scott will spend an hour with you, giving you an introduction to the Takeda Technique and answering questions.

So join the fun and learn how to book with self-tape.

On tap for the evening:

Scott will explain how he got started in 2009 because he wanted to book work in New Mexico while living in Colorado. He was able to do this because he's a professional director with six Emmys, so he knew filmmaking techniques and could tape auditions. After a few years, he was the ONLY actor that NM CD’s allowed to tape. Everyone else had to drive to New Mexico to audition. During a 2019 filmmakers convention in Albuquerque, all the NM casting directors suggested he teach. He started teaching three years ago when the pandemic hit.

Scott will focus on the five basics and why audio is the most important part of every single TV/Film production. He concludes with a live demonstration in his self-tape studio where he starts out showing what most actor self-tapes look and sound like. Then he makes two quick and simple adjustments (one to audio and one to lighting) that makes a night-and-day difference in how actors are perceived on a tape.  Q&A follows. 

WIFT US is a non-profit organization 501C3; all funds go towards educational and scholarship programs. WIFVNE is a proud member of WIFT US. 

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