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Join WIFVNE and Christine Merser for an online event introducing this joint initiative on Thursday, September 14th at 1pm on Zoom.  Register now!

Marketing often takes the backseat in the creative process, and WIFVNE wants to put it up front to support your stories and projects. Two of the top questions WIFVNE receives year-round are How to fundraise for films and passion projects, and How to market those projects once completed.

During the WIFT-US/WIFVNE event:  Fundraising Beyond the Crowdfunding in July 2021, more than eighty people attended a two-hour discussion. Panelist Christine Merser, Managing Partner of Blue Shoe Strategy, and a WIFVNE Corporate Member, challenged attendees to think differently about their marketing efforts, as marketing often is the last thought on the filmmaker's mind. It's a huge gap in filmmaking. The result:  filmmakers' projects are not being seen. Christine's action-driven suggestions inspired a large percentage of the attendees to contact her directly for her ideas and expertise. As a result, Blue Shoe Strategy and WIFVNE have come together to launch the WIFT Marketing Circle to give filmmakers the toolbox to do their marketing.

The WIFT Marketing Circle will provide information, expertise, and tools to market projects from inception to post-completion. And all at an affordable price. The WIFT Marketing Circle includes:

  • Monthly Zoom meetings with Christine Merser.  These 90 minute sessions will have two parts:  a 60-minute component on a pre-released topic relevant to marketing and raising money for your film, followed by a Q&A session.  (Submit questions -- specific to your situation - for Christine to address.) Topics will include Applying to Festivals: research and standing out; Social Media: which platforms and how; Pitching to Funders: How to target and what to show them; Your Website Mothership: how to build it and what to include
  • A full library of 'how to's', resources and suggestions
  • A private Facebook group for conversations and support for social media
  • Podcasts with industry professionals who can share their suggestions and successes
  • Access to the Blue Shoe Marketing team for line item assistance (more on that later)
  • News from the industry, keeping you up to date on what is happening around filmmaking.

All of these events and resources will be behind the firewall of Patreon. WIFVNE members and members of WIFT US chapters will receive the discounted monthly rate of $15.

WIFT Marketing Circle participants will find what they need to market themselves in the materials and events we will provide with Blue Shoe. 

WIFVNE is excited to put forth the WIFT Marketing Circle. WIFVNE is confident our members will gain insight, action elements, and specific support in marketing as a foundation for  filmmaking.

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