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INDUSTRY PROFILE: Aria Stewart WIFVNE Member and Post-Production Coordinator Hasbro Studios East

06 May 2013 8:00 AM | Anonymous

Aria_Stewart_HasbroAria Stewart, Post-Production Coordinator for Hasbro East shares her professional development and her journey from Los Angeles, CA to Providence, RI with the WIFVNE Community

As the post-production coordinator for Hasbro, I manage a team of editors,  graphic artists, audio engineers, and colorists at Cake Mix, the company’s Rhode  Island based studio for commercial and short-form content production.

I moved to Rhode Island last summer after six years in Los Angeles, where I started my career in the entertainment industry as a freelance assistant editor for trailers and promos. I quickly learned that a key to success is being open to nearly any opportunity that comes your way. So I took a number of jobs on a variety of commercials, independent features, and – one of my favorites — a music video for The Killers.

I realized that while I loved working in post-production, I also had managerial strengths as a coordinator. I got a position as a post-production coordinator on an independent feature and realized that I had found my niche. Not too long afterwards I was hired at Disney Animation. Over the span of four years there, I worked on features such as The Princess and the Frog, Tangled, and The Lion King 3D. My final project at Disney was Wreck-It Ralph, as a Production Supervisor.

I arrived in Providence with few local contacts, having spent only limited time in the area. Landing my job at Hasbro was a result of my experience & networking skills.

My days at Cake Mix are anything but predictable. We produce multiple projects each week, so our process is very fluid, and that requires me to be adaptable. My biggest priority is to keep the Post department moving forward. Some days I meet with the producers to discuss a plan for the latest round of commercials; some days I facilitate dialogue recording with voice-over actors. It’s my job to
schedule & distribute the workload to keep our team working as efficiently as possible.

My first advice for women working in film & television is to learn how to be comfortable in a male-dominated industry. You don’t necessarily have to be “one of the guys,” but learning to succeed in that environment is key. Make your opinion heard, make your work count, and make yourself an invaluable part of the team. Remember that every job experience can be a valuable one.

My current job is a great balance for my creative and management skills. As with most production jobs, stressful situations come with the territory. But it’s very rewarding at the end of the day to know that I facilitate quality work that will air on national television. It has been a great experience to see Hasbro’s world-class brands, including Transformers, Nerf, GI Joe, and My Little Pony, come to life.

Aria Stewart, Post-Production Coordinator / Hasbro Studios East (Cake Mix)

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