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Mentoring on set of Island Queen

11 Jul 2019 8:00 AM | Anonymous

This write-up is provided by Sarah Lima, a student at Lesley University.  She was connected to Jenn Harris and Island Queen via WIFVNE. 

Recently I got to work on set of the new film Island Queen, directed by Jenn Harris and Zackary Grady. On set, I worked as a production assistant and script supervisor. When first being asked to do the job of script supervisor I was overwhelmed by the position, but Jenn and the whole crew reassured me that I had everyone on my side to answer any questions and to help me along the way. From my first conversation with Jenn, I knew that working on this film would be a benefit to me and my career not only for the experience, but for the knowledge I would gain working on a professional set. Before this, I had never worked with professional filmmakers before, so of course, I jumped on the opportunity. It taught me so much about lighting, scheduling, communication and set etiquette on a level that I had not seen before.

Working on Island Queen has prepared me beyond my expectations for my last year of film school at Lesley University and for my professional career after school. I could not be more grateful for every individual that contributed to the experience. Being surrounded by motivated people who are willing to wake up at 5am every day and then work for 10-12 hours straight was a huge inspiration, watching them work like machines to solve problems and handle situations that they could not have foreseen was incredible, and above all was the patience they all had for the process. To let this film come alive through every set up, every take, and every line was simply unforgettable. This crew showed me what collaboration looks like at its finest and I hope to bring that on to any film I work on in the future; they have set a brilliant example for me and I am so grateful!

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