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From the Moon to Living Room: Gravitational Narratives on Public Broadcasting

14 Aug 2019 8:00 AM | Anonymous

This blog post about the June 13th event at WGBH was written by Veronica Mendez, a Suffolk University student and WIFVNE summer intern.

The June WGBH event was presented by the WGBH Media Library and Archives department. They invited co-editor Lindy Jankura, of the soon to come series Chasing the Moon. They also invited Ingrid Ockert, a media historian and NASA fellow and co-chair of the archive’s scholar advisory committee. The purpose of the event was to discuss the importance of archive preservation and how archive material changes storytelling. This was done by using archives about the moon landing and how it brought the space race into the homes of viewers. The event was split into two panels, focusing on different areas of archive preservation and storytelling.

The first panel consisted of the viewing of three archival clips in the upcoming documentary series called Chasing the Moon. Two clips were of JFK, and the third was footage from Astronaut’s wife Susan Borman as she experienced her husband’s space launch. Then representatives of the American Archives of Public Broadcasting, Ryn Marchese and Peter Higgins, accompanied Lindy and Ingrid in a discussion of the importance of archives in storytelling. Lindy discussed how the archive footage formed the story instead of going in with a story planned. Ingrid discussed how archives are important to understand the perception of the viewer and how they experienced living in the past.

The second panel consisted of Peter Higgins and Miranda Villesvik both archivists at AAPB. They discussed the process of digitization and the importance of keeping archival footage up to date. They discussed that as technology changes so do video formats and files have to be kept up to date to avoid obsolescence. Digitization also allows more people to have more access to the footage so researchers and filmmakers to use. They discussed how WGBH has a commitment of lifetime storage for the archives.

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