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#Herstory Lisa Clinard

06 Mar 2020 8:00 AM | Anonymous

Lisa Clinard WIFVNE Member

Producer Ecast Productions


What do you love about your work?

Collaborating with a team, being creative, sharing people’s stories

What is your vision for yourself, female filmmakers, or the media industry in 2020?

Throughout my career I’ve often been the only woman on any given crew and would love to see women taking over the set for a change!

What’s one way you would suggest people “Change the Lens”?

See female directed movies in the theater and bring your friends, stream female led TV shows, mentor and support other women in your workplace- to name a few easy options.

What advice would you give to a new female filmmaker?

Seek out the support of other women in your industry. And champion yourself and your work. I think that sometimes comes more naturally to men and that needs to change.

Which women in the New England region inspire you?

Ann Marie Charland, who is the head of production at Ecast and immediately took me under her wing as a mentor and friend. And seeing Liz Cheng, WGBH’s General Manager for TV, speak at WFVNE’s annual meeting last year was a great reminder of what you can accomplish with hard work and determination, no matter what obstacles or naysayers you may face.

What film or series are looking forward to watching this year? Why?

Emma directed by Autumn de Wilde- this is her feature debut after creating music videos for Jenny Lewis and Florence & the Machine. The Glorias, directed by Julie Taymor with both Alicia Vikander and Julianne Moore portraying feminist icon Gloria Steinman. Wonder Woman 1984 directed by Patty Jenkins because who doesn’t love Wonder Woman? And Shrill season 2 on Hulu because watching Ady Bryant feels like pure joy.

How can your fans find you!?

Instagram: @lisaclinard & @ecastpro

Production Reel: www.vimeo.com/lisaclinard

Ecast Productions: www.ecastvideoproduction.com

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