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#HerStory Nikki McMorrow

14 Mar 2020 8:00 AM | Anonymous

Nikki McMorrow

Director / Writer / Editor

Director, Broadcast/production at (add)ventures


What do you love about your work?

Collaborating with creative talents across many disciplines to create impactful, texture-rich stories that celebrate the combined efforts of all.


What is your vision for yourself, female filmmakers, or the media industry in 2020?

To work together, creating an environment that fosters everyone’s best effort, inclusivity, and calculated risk-taking. To recognize and build upon strengths while forming partnerships to offset the weak points. To learn more about the craft every day, be aware of what inspires you and lean into those things. Whatever level you’re at, find a mentor and be a mentor to others.

Most importantly, know where you want to go then start walking, running, or hobbling in that direction.  My hope for the media industry is that we continue to focus and work on our efforts to be more inclusive towards women and POC. In many cases, that means giving someone with less experience a chance. At one point, someone gave Ava DuVernay a chance, Kathryn Bigelow, Melina Matsoukas, Rachel Morrison, and as that list grows and widens it’s reach the work gets more exciting and authentic.


What’s one way you would suggest people “Change the Lens”?

If you’re in a hiring position, make the decision to actively search for women and POC in production.  Invite them to meet you, get to know them and their skillset. Give people a chance to impress you, focus on individual strengths versus perceived weaknesses, and be generous with your own knowledge and expertise.


What advice would you give to a new female filmmaker?

You do not need to be the expert in everything. Filmmaking is about the team. Find and retain the most skilled and talented team you possibly can. Then be kind and generous to everyone. You will be asking for a lot of favors.


Which women in the New England region inspire you?

Margie Sullivan, EP at Conductor Productions for being an incredible advocate and mentor in the film industry, and true leader. Maria Sheehan, producer, for her radiance, charm and grit. She makes production an absolute pleasure. Deb Luchini, editor, for her story craft, editorial talents, and humor.


What film or series are looking forward to watching this year? Why?

Emma, directed by Autumn de Wilde. Every frame is a fu*king treat.


How can your fans find you!?

@extremelongshot on IG www.nikkimcmorrow.com


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