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#Herstory Kathryn Taccone

17 Mar 2020 8:00 AM | Anonymous

Kathryn Taccone – WIFVNE Member


Co-Founder of Open Pixel Studios


What do you love about your work?

I love creating relationships with clients, and seeing or hearing their reactions to a completed project. Animation is a universal medium that can translate your message to a wide audience, and I love animating characters that help bring that message to life. It’s a wonderful feeling to have the opportunity to explore, imagine, and create every day.

Katie Taccone and Will Colon, along with Karen Webb (not pictured), are the co-founders of Open Pixel Studios, an animated video production service. Photographed in a meeting room at Valley Venture Mentors in Springfield on Wednesday, April 10, 2019.

What is your vision for yourself, female filmmakers, or the media industry in 2020?

Within my company, I have big plans for this year! I aim to have our first internship opportunity, and provide more educational engagements with students. Being in the five college area of Massachusetts, I want to give back to the area as much as I put into the business. I am a UMass alumni and would love to help inspire others who are interested in pursuing animation as a career!

What’s one way you would suggest people “Change the Lens”?

I think change will come as more men and women are informed of the problems and come up with ideas together on how to solve them. The way I try to inform is through teaching, as I want young women to be aware of what to expect in the industry. We can give talks that include stories of our past experiences, as a way to empower, not discourage. Opening the door to productive conversations will help to create a better future for everyone!

What advice would you give to a new female filmmaker?

Be kind to yourself! Too often I hear artists talk negatively about their own work, as if the piece had no value. In reality, every piece you work on will teach you something new, whether it’s about yourself, the industry, or the tools you use. Forgive yourself for the mistake you think you made, as it’s what teaches us how to be better. Let’s start appreciating the mistakes we think we make more often!



Which women in the New England region inspire you?

There are so many wonderful small, women led businesses and organizations in this region like Yahaira of Baked Cakes 413. She and many other women are helping to shape a more inclusive future and are incredibly open to conversations around making our workplaces better for all. They inspire me every day to work hard, give back, and care for myself as much as others.

What film or series are looking forward to watching this year? Why?

I’d love to see more honest and grounding films directed by women, like A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood directed by the incredibly talented Marielle Heller. In a time where the world feels a little more chaotic and tense, it’s great to have films and series that allow people of any age to give conscious thought to their emotions, to understand themselves and the people around them more clearly.

How can your fans find you!?

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/openpixelstudios

Instagram: @openpixelstudios

Twitter: @openpixelstudio

Facebook: www.facebook.com/openpixelstudios

Website: www.openpixelstudios.com


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