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#Herstory Thato Rantao Mwosa

25 Mar 2020 8:00 AM | Anonymous

Thato Rantao Mwosa – WIFVNE Member & Board


Film teacher

What do you love about your work?

I love the fact that you can see and hear things in my head, put those voices on paper by writing a script and the film it to capture the vision. Seeing my vision on screen is like magic. That feeling never gets old.


What is your vision for yourself, female filmmakers, or the media industry in 2020?

My vision is to complete my film and share it with the world.


What’s one way you would suggest people “Change the Lens”?

As women filmmakers, the films we make will not get the funding if people are not watching them. We need to support one another. Support comes in many ways. Donating to a crowd sourcing campaign, buying tickets to fill the theater, spreading the word about a female directed film and sharing your networks


What advice would you give to a new female filmmaker?

I would say, make your film by any means necessary. Do not get discouraged. Find ways to make it happen with or without money. The good thing is that, technology has advanced and it has become cheaper and easier to make a film.


Which women in the New England region inspire you?

Lisa Simmons inspires me because she is truly the mother of black film in New England. She has nurtured and supported a lot marginalized filmmakers who often struggle to make their films.


What film or series are looking forward to watching this year? Why?

I’m looking forward to Queen Sono, the first African series produced by Netflix.


How can your fans find you!?


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