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Mentoring Initiative


One of the many ways WIFVNE works to “Widen the Lens” is to offer and promote mentoring and shadowing opportunities. 

WIFVNE does not offer a formal mentoring "matching" program. Many WIFVNE members are willing to share their experience and expertise with our community, and WIFVNE offers many events that allow for members to meet one another and have meaningful connections.

Please visit the WIFVNE calendar for upcoming events, especially our Networking Wednesday events, and learn about the Backlit initiative with WIFVNE and High Output Academy for persons interested in the Lighting and Grip & Electric departments.

We believe mentoring matters

Demystifying the Grip Truck

Kayla on Grommet commercial set

Hands-on Grip Training Workshop

Grips.  The backbone of any film crew, responsible for camera support, simple and complex rigging, and expertly modifying the lighting look for the DP. 

WIFVNE partnered with NABET 18, IATSE 481, and High Output to provide an in-depth, one-day, intensive workshop to train WIFVNE members in this line of work on a hot sunny day in August.

The instructional program in the morning was followed by small group workshop instruction.  WIFVNE is grateful to Phil Reilly of GBH and NABET 18 for organizing this workshop and leading the presentation and one of the small groups.  Special thanks to the workshop mentors Jen Cruh and Sarah Peterson for leading small group demos.  And thanks also to Alison Katinger, Training Coordinator of IATSE Local 481. Hands-on experience included a power/electrical systems demo, a stands & grip demo, grip truck unloading and loading, a dolly demo, and setting the scene with scaffolding/bounce/flags/stands/dolly.

Photos courtesy of Erin Devlin.

    Learn more about Kayla!

    I was working with Erin, the set stylist, to create a home-like set with a holiday vibe. It was really interesting to shadow the stylist, as she went to school for this specific role.  

    In the photos I’m removing what was already on the mantle at our location. They had rented out what seemed like a yoga/zen studio space with huge windows everywhere and great lighting. I wrapped empty boxes to make them look like holiday gifts. Everything that was seen in the final cut of the commercial was very carefully chosen and placed for the shot. Everything had to be wiped clean of fingerprints, which I wouldn’t haven’t even thought to do prior to this experience. Overall it was a great shadowing opportunity, and in this super difficult time, it totally reminded me of why I want to work in the film/media industry.  

    Photos were taken by Matilda Biscaldi

    My background is in art department, specifically set/production design, and costume/prop design. I have a passion for alternative fashion, specifically Japanese street wear! I am open to work on set: I prefer art/costume department, but appreciate any offers to learn more. 

    Connect with her on LinkedIn and find her on Instagram @kaylamac_a_la_mode.


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