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WIFVNE Member Spotlight: Jan Waldman, Alice Bouvrie, Liane Brandon, and Marie-Emmanuelle Hartness

March 03, 2016 8:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

left to right: Jan Waldman: TV Host/Producer, Alice Bouvrie: Producer/Director, Liane Brandon: Filmmaker and Still Photographer, Marie-Emmanuelle Hartness: Director

March is Women’s History Month, and we received four submissions from our call to members to be featured, so we decided to spotlight all of them!

Whats the best part about your work?

Jan Waldman: I truly love what I do. Meeting so many varied individuals in and out of the film world.

Alice Bouvrie: Getting to know the people and issues that are explored in my films.

Liane Brandon: It’s challenging and creative – a mix of art, craft, and technology. Depending on the project, I get to explore subjects I am passionate about.

Marie-Emmanuelle Hartness: Collaboration.


What challenges do you think you’ve faced in this industry?

Jan: Fortunately, the fact that I am a 50-year-old female has never been a detriment in my career. I would have to say that time is the biggest challenge. The amount invested is always the same whether the project is successful or not. Hard work is a given and it is the only way you can begin to become successful.

Alice: Financing the projects, and getting them out and seen.

Liane: When I started making films in 1969, there was no portable video and very few people had access to 16mm cameras and editing equipment. Film schools were few and far between. Very few women had any filmmaking skills. I was one of three independent women filmmakers in New England. I had to borrow a high school football team’s 16mm camera in the offseason, and teach myself how to use it to make my first film. There were almost no films about the issues girls and women were facing (equal pay, equal rights, employment discrimination) or about the lives of ordinary women. There were virtually no outlets for political or social issue films – let alone films about the Women’s Movement. Distributors said there was no audience for films about women’s issues – so we started our own distribution coop (New Day Films). We were told that we’d fail in a year. New Day is now 45 years old and a leading distributor of social issue films!

Marie-Emmanuelle: Raising money.


How long have you been a WIFVNE Member?

Jan: 2 Years.

Alice: Not sure, but at least 30 years or so.

Liane: 20+ years.

Marie-Emmanuelle: Two years.


What advice would you give to a new female filmmaker?

Jan: Do your research. Find out everything you are able to about the role, person or business you will be working with before you dive in. Be prepared.

Alice: Try not to lose your motivation and energy, and stay curious!

Liane: Learn as much as you can. Work hard. Persevere.

Marie-Emmanuelle: Act. Get out there and film.


What goals do you have for this year?

Jan: We will be looking for wider distribution to other public access TV stations in the state and across the country and more of an online presence.

Alice: Better marketing and promotion for the films that I have already made.

Marie-Emmanuelle: More collaboration.


Upcoming Events or Announcements? What are you working on?

Jan: My TV show, “Entertainment Plus with Jan Waldman” with producers/editors Steve Spencer and Mike Murray, aired its first show February 1, 2016. Upcoming guests include Carol Patton, publisher of Imagine Magazine and the producers of “The Folklorist” Angela Herrar, Andrew Eldridge and John Horrigan.

Alice: I just finished a short documentary about an MIT professor who is a cross-dresser, A Chance to Dress. I’m working to get it into the marketplace and to get it out and be seen.

Liane: I recently shot the stills for the upcoming (October) PBS American Masters bio of Edger Allan Poe (Spy Pond Productions). Exhibit of the photographs near the time of the PBS premiere. Also, upcoming exhibit of my photographic series of women powerlifters.

Marie-Emmanuelle: Writer’s Block is a finalist in the 2016 WIFTI Short Film Showcase, and will screen in DC and also at BIFF on April 16 at the Paramount Theater in Boston. My script Indentured was a finalist at Sundance Lab 2015 and RIIFF 2015.


How can your fans find you!?

Jan: You can find my show “Entertainment Plus with Jan Waldman” on My website is:

Alice: I have a website: and FB:

Liane: See my website for contact information


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