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WIFVNE Member Spotlight: Filmmaker/Editor Eileen Slavin

October 12, 2016 8:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Eileen Slavin is a freelance filmmaker and editor who joined WIFVNE in August of 2016. We are glad to have you on board Eileen and thank you for taking a moment so we can get to know you better. Read below to learn a bit more about Eileen.

Whats the best part about your work? I love what I do! Editing is artistic, challenging, fun, and rewarding. I love the process of storytelling, of bringing order to chaos.

What challenges do you think you’ve faced in this industry? It’s hard to get your foot in the door in this industry. You have to be willing to take any work you can starting out (even if it’s for free), and you face a lot of rejection. It helps to maintain a positive mindset and always strive to improve your skills.

Tell us what it is like working on the 48HFP? Working on the 48HFP is a huge adrenaline rush. You’re condensing what would normally take weeks into one weekend. This was my 6th time participating on a team and I always walk away from both satisfied by what my team accomplished in such a short amount of time… and in need of a very long nap. =)

What advice would you give to a new female filmmaker? We need you! Women are currently underrepresented in the film industry, but we can change that. Sometimes people will underestimate you because you are female or feel threatened by you if you’re good at what you do. Pay them no mind and continue doing your thing. There are plenty of other people in the industry who will appreciate and support you; surround yourself with those people, because they will help you accomplish your goals, and in turn, you will push each other to become better filmmakers.

What goals do you have for this year? My goals for this year include editing a feature film, increasing the number of projects I work on, and expanding my client base, all of which will serve to improve my editing skills.

Upcoming Events or Announcements? What are you working on? I’m currently Film & Photo Dept. Chair of an entertainment company called This Is Entertainment started by CEO Kody Fraser, who directed our 48 Hour Film Project this year, The Adventures of Slick Willy: A Bridge Too Far ( We’ve got a stop-motion short and a music video in postproduction right now that I’m working on, and will be shooting an upcoming video tribute of a well-known Pixar short in September. Facebook:

I have also been hired as DIT (Digital Imaging Technician) on Higher Methods, a feature film to be directed by Nathan Suher of IM Filmworks. It’s a psychological horror film with a philosophical overtone to be shot in January. Facebook:

How can your fans find you!? 

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  • YouTube:
  • IMDb:
  • Online portfolio:

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